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Pussy Riot – The Movement seems ripped from today’s headlines

Narrated by Daryl Hannah, Pussy Riot – The Movement could not be more timely. It’s as if it had been ripped from the headlines today, with Russia’s seizure of Crimea and its movements against the Ukraine. The women of Pussy Riot called President Vladimir Putin a liar and aggressor before the world had to deal with it.
Pussy Riot – The Movement is the only documentary to tell the full story of Nadia Tolokonnikvia, Masha Alyokhina and Katia Samutsevich.  From their early lives that shaped them – to the trial that rallied the world to their cause. From Nadia’s and Masha’s two years in prison and hunger strikes – to their “early release” in December 2013 – the movie covers it all, including the post-prison beatings at the Sochi Olympics and their commitment to “riot on” with “Justice Zone,” a non-profit dedicated to prison reform.
Pussy Riot – The Movement goes beyond the women’s story to detail the perversions of the Russian Constitution by ex-KGB officer Putin, a document that provides freedoms based on Western democratic principle. Russian dissidents who have been imprisoned on trumped up charges, artists who are reviled for their work and lawyers and writers who call the courts corrupt and medieval tell their stories of life in Russia today.

Update – September 1, 2014
Coming soon – U.S. release date!

Synergetic Distribution has acquired domestic rights to PUSSY RIOT – THE MOVEMENT and projects a November release date in the U.S. Check back to see where you can see the movie when we have that information.

VMI Worldwide acquired international rights and has sold the movie in two foreign territories, Taiwan and Scandinavia. Marketing of the movie continues November 5-12, 2014, at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, CA.

Update – February 8, 2014

An invitation from the Huffington Post’s Special Projects Team took the film’s director, Natasha Fissiak, and writer/producer, Carole Keeney Harrington, to New York City to meet with the women of Pussy Riot and Arianna Huffington, founder of HuffPost.  Also on the itinerary was the Amnesty International Concert for Human Rights on February 5, where the women were guests of honor.

Fissiak presented the women with copies of the movie and gifts from Texas, then toured the HuffPost with Lance Gould, executive editor of special projects and Amanda Gutterman, reporter for special projects,  Gutterman coordinates with Fissiak and Harrington the blogs by Andrey Tolokonnikova about his daughter, Nadia, and the political situation in Russia.

Nadia and Maria at HuffPost and Amnesty Concert

Pussy Riot at Huffington Post

Update – January 23, 2014

We are ready for our sales agency, Vantage Media International (VMI) out of Los Angeles, to take PUSSY RIOT – THE MOVEMENT to the European Film Market that begins February 6th.  We are fortunate to have a strong, reputable sales agency behind us.

Huffington Post is hosting the blogs of Nadia and her father, Andre Tolokonnikova, which we are coordinating.  Our trailer is embedded in the blog.  We also are invited to NYC to conduct a LIVE interview with the Huffington Post and the women.  More later.  In case you would like to read the blogs of Nadia and her father, Andre Tolokonnikova, here are the links:

1) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nadia-tolokonnikova/help-the-women-being-tortured-in-russian-prisons_b_4545308.html?1388944437

2) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrey-tolokonnikov/my-daughter-was-imprisoned-for-pussy-riot_b_4493367.html

3) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrey-tolokonnikov/my-daughter-is-becoming-a-professional-revolutionary_b_4519637.html

4) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrey-tolokonnikov/nadias-spending-time-with-daughter-after-months_b_4589379.html?1389632256

Update – December 24, 2013

Pussy Riot is free!

The women of Pussy Riot are free!  Released on December 23, 2013, under President Vladimir Putin’s amnesty, the women continue to call for his ouster.  The general response to the amnesty was that Putin wanted to polish his image before the Sochi Olympics begin on February 7th.

We have updated the movie with new footage after the women’s release and dropped the “Free” from the title.  It is now simply:  PUSSY RIOT – THE MOVEMENT.

Nadia Tolokonnikova and Masha Alyokhina have formed a non-profit, “Justice Zone,” to work on prison reform and continued activism to change the political situation in Russia.

A portion of the proceeds will support the legal fund for the women. For more information please contact carole@goldenworldfilms.com


From left to right, Nadezhda (Nadia) Tolokonnikova, Yekaterina (Katia) Samutsevich and Maria (Masha) Alyokhina

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